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“La Colonial Fábrica de Hilos S.A.” is a peruvian textile company founded in 1945, with many years of experience and presence in key markets worldwide.

Thanks to our constant concern for keeping according to market demands, we currently have a wide infrastructure and latest technology machinery that allows us to offer our customers a wide variety and production capacity.

We offer our customers raw and dyed yarn in 100% cotton and blends of high quality.


We are a vanguardist Company focused on the adaptation of changes in the market.

We promote our products meet the quality standards required by our customers, offering them to do so, provided ongoing advice in order to get your complete satisfaction.


Being the leader in the Textile Sector recognized by diversification and continuous innovation of our products using this technology and specialized in producing products of high quality professionals.

We are committed to serving both the domestic and international markets, also contributing to the conservation of the environment through the marketing of organic products properly certified.

Quality Policies

At “La Colonial Fábrica de Hilos SA”, a company dedicated to the manufacture and service of spinning and dyeing cotton, we are committed to continuously improving the effectiveness of our system of quality management and compliance with their requirements towards total satisfaction our customers, through measurement and continuous review of the objectives and goals of the system, performing processes more efficiently and simple, following our straight line, all within an ethical framework and commitment legal.

Thus seeking to consolidate our leadership in the domestic and international market and be the best option, providing our customers with quality, variety and style, which we are constantly innovating according to market trends.



Our certifications shows the highest standards of quality in the manufacturing and production of our products.